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The paint is painted on the surface of the aluminum sheet and dried. A good spray coating has a uniform color distribution, and a poor plate will show a wavy distribution from the side. Spray paint is mostly matte, with right-angled and chamfered edges (chamfering is the "V" shape of the joint) two kinds. The spray plate must be dried so that the film is firm. At present, this process board is basically not used in home decoration, most will be used in large-scale plant decoration, because the relative price is very cheap, there are still many manufacturers to attract consumers at low prices.
The surface treatment process of spray board is as follows:
Semi-finished products - degreasing - Cleaning - chromizing - drying (cool dry) - electrostatic powder spraying - curing, cooling - parts and inspection - packaging storage.
A good spraying plate is passivated before spraying. Any part of the surface is crossed with a sharp blade to scratch the 1MM * 1MM grid. The coating is not peeled off with medical adhesive tape. The surface is washed back and forth 100 times without breakage.
Two. Roll coating:
After degreasing and chemical treatment, the surface of the aluminum plate is rolled and coated with high quality paint and dried and solidified. The smoothness of paint film on roller coating surface is higher than that of spraying plate. Pearlescent and matte light on the color, the market is mostly pearlescent. Its price is higher than that of spraying. The greatest feature of the roll-coating plate is the high degree of color simulation; the quality of the roll-coating process varies greatly, in addition to all the materials, there is also related to its color several times, such as two rolls, spraying is baked once, and then spraying and baking, so that the color is more uniform and smooth, a good roll-coating plate. The price is also very expensive, the color is realistic, and the durability is strong.

Imported fluorocarbon roll coating is also a kind of roll coating, that is, adding fluorocarbon in the pigment, making the color adhesion stronger, longer service life, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, often used in the building's external decoration (not afraid of wind and rain), the price is very high, is the highest-grade roll coating plate one.
The surface treatment process of roller coated sheet is as follows:
The roll-coating board has topcoat, primer and back coat, and the back coat mainly plays an anti-oxidation role, making its service life longer. Semi finished products - machine - molding - next parts and inspection - packing and warehousing.
The surface of the roller coating plate is uniform and smooth, and there are no obvious defects such as leakage, shrinkage, scratching and shedding. But there are micro defects such as bubbles, concave spots, inclusions and so on. These are normal phenomena.
Three, plastic film:
The high gloss film or the magic film is selected, and the professional adhesive is coated on the board surface. The coated panel has bright luster, a wide selection of colors, waterproof, fire-proof, excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and pollution resistance, superior anti-ultraviolet performance. The durability and gloss of the imported film are better than those of the domestic film. The Korean LG film is mostly used for the high quality aluminum buckle plate in the market. Aluminum buckle plate thickness should be about 0.6 mm, some small brands of laminate overall thickness is 0.6 mm thick, but it is to increase the thickness of the film to achieve the purpose of reducing the thickness of the substrate, some plates and even the thickness of the substrate is only 0.38 mm.
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